Si Solar Cell Dryer-Firing Furnace Spare/Consumable Parts

All type NiCr belt custom made for single/dual lane with dimple or edge contact support.

IR lamp for all type furnace and custom made for demand.

Other consumable like T/C, drive motor, flow meter, roller, quartz tube/rod, air filter, high temp seal, custom machined plastic…etc.

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Contact Stylus Profiler Stylus Sensor Head Repair and Part Replacement / Free-Friction Bearing Part

We can repair most of market stylus profiler tool stylus arm / stylus sensor head or supply key free-friction bearing part.

(KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step, D100, D200, D300, P-series, HRP series / AMBIOS XP-series / Veeco Dektak, D-150, XT / TOHO P-40 series, others)

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